Christmas Coma

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry day after Christmas! ;) We had a crazy busy day of opening presents, stuffing our faces, and then stuffing our faces again. Let's just say today I'm starting off with a run!

Blair was spoiled beyond belief and got some seriously rad gifts. Lucky for me I'm a pretty savvy shopper and got a boat load of her presents from a local gently used mommy group...winning! The toys I scored were practically new and she is none the wiser. Santa the bargain shopper. :)

booster seat for Blair and baby! less than $5!

new crayons left over from when I taught Kindergarten and another baby stroller for less than $5

Dada picked this one out at Target...such a sweet guy!

dress up minnie and purse $3. oh and breakfast of champions...goldfish :/

a tunnel from a friend who no longer wanted it

Lala splurged and got her the classic car. to say she is obsessed is an understatement

Lala also got her this awesome slide. up, down, repeat x100000000.

Lala also put some crayons, stickers, and coloring books in Blair's stocking.
Lala got a snazzy apron and I scored some cute clothes

the girls: me, mom, tiff, and taylar

the birthday boy turns 30!

Merry Christmas from the Bushman's!
 Today calls for some SERIOUS clean up. And I'm so happy to do it with my hubby who has the day there any other better Christmas present? I'll be featuring some of my favorite gifts tomorrow possibly. Hope you all had a fabulous day with your family.


  1. Love the booster sit for mini and the doll! I need to get Millie one of those!!!

  2. Way to go with the thrifty gifts! Charlie got a Fisher Price digital camera...from the Goodwill. I would never pay $40 for one but the $8 price tag seemed just about right. Also, the girls got those Minnie Mouse dolls with bunches of little outfits...a big hit for sure. looks like you had a very merry Christmas!!


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