Holiday Traditions

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Whooooo's excited for Christmas?!? I know it's not Thanksgiving yet but visions of sugar plums are already dancing in my head. I'm already thinking about all the different traditions I want to incorporate into the holiday season...Elf on a Shelf, an Advent Calendar, and BOOKS! We for sure have enough Christmas books to read one a day for the month of December but as a lover of reading, my mentality is the more the merry-er (see what I did there?). Some of last year's traditions...

Christmas PJs

getting a Christmas tree

seeing the living nativity

visiting Santa

One of my favorite books is The Night Before Christmas and this year I was excited to discover that MyChronicleBooks has an awesome personalized version of it. You can customize the book with your child’s name, birthday, gender, hometown, favorite pet and name of a family member. Write a special dedication message, upload your holiday photo and even include your child on Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” list. I know Blair will love hearing her name and Bella's name throughout the story.

they advertised one with my's a sign ;)
MyChronicleBooks is offering YOU 30% off all personalized books and gifts from MyChronicleBooks, including “Night Before Christmas.” That means you get the book for $24 instead of $34! Just register on their site and they will send you a 30% off code. Even if you don't have kiddos yet this would be an awesome gift for a grandchild, niece/nephew, or godchild.

how cute that you get to add a picture?!

I can't wait to see Blair's little name on the pictures

I've already ordered her book so we can start another tradition of getting a new book every Christmas Eve that we read together. I still have some of my old books and I think it would be so special for Blair to have her own collection to share with her kids. I know, it's a long ways away but you gotta start somewhere!

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  1. Love the book... actually, you're are going to be feeling very de ja vu later this week! ;)

  2. Now that I have a baby I'm so excited for Christmas to get here and to start new family traditions! We're going to do the family Christmas jammies this year and I need to start getting my holiday book collection together.

  3. Love that book and Christmas is so much more fun with kiddos!

  4. Such a cute idea! We have lots of the same traditions and I agree I can't wait for the holidays this year!!!!


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