Craving CAbi

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday regarding Blair's 18 month pictures. You are too kind! And because of your sweet words I decided we aren't going to re-hash the photo session again on Friday. I originally thought she wasn't smiling enough that day but after seeing how the pictures turned out I'm content! B doesn't even know how good she has it... or how much she should be thanking you. :)

My twice yearly CAbi party is coming up in October and I'm super excited to get my paws on those clothes! I LOVE the high quality in which they are made and always find myself reaching for CAbi items in my closet. Below are a few of my faves!

Trust me when I say the clothes are SO much cuter when on! Check out their website to see how they pair pieces together. I love that I can get some staple loose mom pieces here and still look totally pulled together. All of their clothing is SO flattering which makes it so hard to choose! Their leggings are super thick (ie: no need to worry if your undies are showing through) and crazy cozy. Now if fall would just decide to get here I would be all set!


  1. Those tops are amazing, love steel gray! And the pictures in the post below are just divine. You are absolutely stunning and so is your precious little family :)

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    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  2. I host a CAbi party each season as well. I have so many of their pieces and you are right, the quality is great. Their leggings are the best! They are thick and cozy. Also, their ponte pants are my favorite for work - so comfortable that I feel like I'm in lounge clothes.


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