18 Month Favorites

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I just realized that I forgot to give B's stats from her 18 month check up last week. Because I know you are all chomping at the bit to know. ;) Sweet girl is 23 pounds (40%), 30 inches tall (30%) and still has a huge head...19 inches (95%). She really does get the big head from her Dada...no pun intended! 

We really don't need a lot of baby gear anymore because, well, B is a toddler now. :( However there are certain toys, food, items that we still use all the time! 

When we don't have any home made squeezies on tap these are great in a pinch! She also digs the toddler bowls for days when she's hungry for dinner at 4:30 and we haven't made it yet!

I'm still loving the Momma cup. No leaks! B still doesn't quite understand the spoon and fork thing but I am to blame for that mostly. She just gets so darn messy that I probably help her too much. What can I say? I don't like to give her a bath after every meal...which brings me to the bib. This bib covers it ALL and has no velcro for snags...I love it!

Lately she has been loving her baby. She pushes that little doll around in the stroller and feeds it, changes the diaper etc. It's SO cute. She has also been loving coloring and bubbles. Clearly I have busy days as these are not super clean activities! ;)

Finally, moccasins. I am obsessed with these shoes and B always gets complemented on them. They are soft and easy for her to walk in. Not to mention they come in tons of colors and are pretty unique!

What are your 18 month favorites? Tell me what you love and what I missed!

PS I'm running a half marathon to provide clean drinking water to people in Uganda. If you are interested in supporting me or praying for me I would greatly appreciate it! Even $5 would be awesome!


  1. Did you really spend $60 on baby shoes? If so, does she wear them every day? I need a good pair for my daughter and can't afford $60 but if it's something she can wear every day, then maybe.

    1. I actually got them on sale for $45. They are giving some away for free this week so be sure to check out their FB page! She does wear them any time she is not in her salt water sandals. Over summer she has been in sandals more but with cooler weather coming she will be only wearing her mocs! She has gotten them wet and they still work for us! I'm sure some of the reason for the high cost is because they are unique and adorable. Hope this helps!


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