18 month check up

Monday, September 9, 2013

Last Friday the inevitable happened... B turned 18 months! What?! So we celebrated with a doctor's appointment. : / Not her idea of a party but she was a trooper none the less. She at least enjoyed the dogs and balloons on her gown (so cute!).

checking out the critters on her gown

looking for her "bay buh" (belly button)

she knows...
 This age has been seriously so much fun. Blair is talking up a storm and I love it! Here are some of my favorites:

Mama, Dada, BahBah (bella) while pointing to the appropriate person
poo (pool)
buhbuh (bubbles)

There are more words but they all kind of sound the same and I can't think of them all right now. I think I officially have permanent mommy brain. I also love that she will randomly come up to me and hug my leg. And sometimes at night I creep into her room and get her out of bed just so I can snuggle with her in the rocker. Straight out of "I'll Love you Forever." I also die over how sweet she is with her baby doll. Hoping this means that someday she will be a good sissy! Of course along with all the sweetness comes raging tantrums but you win some and you lose some! Our sweet moments together totally make up for her outbursts. 

This weekend M had a lot of baby duty but I did manage to get up on Sunday and make some organic wheat pancakes...lucky Matt. ;) B and I thought they were delicious though!

what's not delicious in syrup though?

Then we did a little bubble action on Sunday and B was jammin' in her shades. We're doing ANOTHER 18 month photo shoot on Friday and I'm getting serious and bringing my A game. Bubbles, balloons, balls...you name it. This kid better smile! And if not...well then she wins because I'm not putting my friend through a third naughty toddler session...


  1. B is so so cute! Love that you sneak into her room to snuggle at night! I always want to do that but Ryan stops me! They are so cute and snuggly when they sleep! ;)

  2. The picture of her with her glasses... TOO CUTE!

  3. She is such a doll and looks SO much like your husband!


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