Hair Dilemma

Monday, August 12, 2013

Today I am off to spend some quality time with a good friend...aka get my hair done by my bff. Here is how we usually go...
ME: "I wanna do something different."
BFF: "ok"
ME: "But I have commitment issues and never wanna cut my hair or dye it too far from my natural color."
BFF: "ok, so highights again with a trim?"
ME: "yup"

Gah! Why can I not be bold and daring and FUN! Because I have hair issues. I've cut it real short before and regretted it, so that's off the table. I refuse to dye it dark for fear that I won't look like myself and be (gasp!) ugly. AND what if Blair doesn't recognize me!? That would be awful. So here I am contemplating getting bangs again. I liked having them but hated growing them out.

me circa 2008 with bangs and short hair

my short hair (YUCK)

and another bang young are we here?! 24 years to be exact...
 So, I realize I really should have thrown these questions out much earlier since my hair appointment is today but here is the color I'm considering...

I know, I know, it's really not that different from what I currently have but it is a change for me! Minus the cut (heaven forbid I do that!) and the ombre (I'm afraid it's going out...) I really like the color on top...which is probably my natural color and I would love to pull some of the bright blonde through it as highlights. I think it's going to be great for fall/winter and maybe more low maintenance since it's less blonde. Sigh. Stay tuned tomorrow to see if I mustered up some courage to do it! 

***just talked to hubby about my options. of course his vote is to "keep it how it is." Dilemma is in full effect. :)


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bangs in the pic when you were 24. lol. super cute. now i may have to get bangs! I think you should keep your color and add bangs.

  2. Love the bangs and love it short! Go for it, it grows back.

  3. I feel you! My hair is my security blanket and I always hate when I do something drastic! I like you with sideswept bangs!

  4. Ha-ha I hear ya girl! Your hair is pretty fab how it is but it's always fun to switch it up a bit :) I'm pretty sure every husband likes us just the way we are, whenever I ask my husband if I should curl my hair or straighten it, it's always the same response...straight like usual! ;)

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