DIY oak rehab

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ever since I painted our media built-ins and mantle I've been itching to get my paws on the rest of the oak in our house. I love how it updates our house so much and now I'm on a mission. Buuuuut, I'm indecisive on what color to paint each area. That's where I need your opinion! I'm hoping my (pro-bono designer) Aunt Marla and her daughters are reading!

our finished family room

you better believe I just hulked all B's toys out of the frame of this shot ;) let's be real.

the cup pulls arrived (PB) and I'm really happy with them!
On to the rest of the house...

the island... i was thinking some sort of gray...just can't decide on light or dark?

the junk counter buffet... totally stumped. my initial plan was creamy white like the family room.

random storage nook in the master bath

master bath (ha...i was prego in this pic! B came a week later...)

kitchen cabinets. I'm still gung ho for a creamy white since this butts up to the family room (clearly we just moved in here) aw, and we still had our cat who since then has disappeared. :(
Soooo, what are your brilliant ideas?! Please give me your suggestions takes a village to raise a child make design decisions! Thanks in advance!


  1. I wouldn't go with white cabinets in the kitchen, but that's just my experience.I have them now and I'm constantly having to wipe them down.Super hard to keep up with, food splatters, and of course dirty hand prints from a one year old! Maybe a darker wood. That would look nice with you living room too.

  2. Where is your coffee table from?? Love that you painted the entertainment center

  3. I am a huge fan of white in the kitchen. It makes it so bright and airy. Just make sure you get the correct finish so it's easily cleanable!

  4. I LOVE white cabinets, they brighten up a kitchen so much and I think a dark gray island would look fab!! Go for it!!

  5. If you do a dark wood I will kill you:) jk I could never do that!! I say two different colors!! Dark on bottom and light on top. Or if you are feeling rather daring, a color on bottom:):)

  6. White in the kitchen would be SO nice. Kyle and I are looking at places and as soon as I walk into a white kitchen I am so happy :)


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