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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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I seriously can't get over how much I missed Little B while I was away last weekend! When I got back and saw her for the first time I could have sworn that she grew a ton! To me she already looked older and seemed so much bigger.

While she still refuses to say "Mama" she babbles all day long and it's so stinkin cute. M kept me updated on their schenanigans and sent me some videos that I cried swooned over while away. See for yourself... I Can't. Get. Enough.

Starting to test her luck with standing unassisted. She's so brave. :) Maybe by her second birthday she will be walking. Sigh. This kid. Taking her sweet time.

She has also mastered crawling up and down steps. While down at the beach this weekend she practiced at her Gram's and Gramp's house and thought she was pretty rad. Lucky for me I got to see it while away. See below...

She has started signing for milk which is perfect timing since we're almost done nursing (insert sarcasm here). I guess it will come in handy for when she wants milk in her sippy cup. M was able to capture it on video below...

Seriously so blessed by everyone who helped with B while I was away. From my brother's girlfriend, to my mom, to M's parents, and especially M!!! I knew she was in good hands and that in itself is like a vacation. :) I do have to say that M thought it was totally ok to let her wear the same outfit all weekend...but if that's the worst thing to happen I'll take it. ;)

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  1. The swing video is priceless! Love her belly laughs :)


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