Sunny days

Friday, March 1, 2013

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous down here lately. B and I have been taking full advantage at our local park.

While we were there we scoped out the library located in the center of the park. It was amazing! They had an area full of baby board books, story time for babies, and all sorts of classes for kiddos (art, gymnastics). They also had a community room where kids could play foozeball, ping pong, and even Xbox! I was seriously impressed. And this place has been here since we've moved here and I never bothered to look inside. I know where we will be spending some of our summer days...

PS. My baby turns ONE on Monday! Insert sob here. I'll be reviewing the highlights of her first year here on Monday.



  1. Look at all that gorgeous hair!! She just gets cuter by the day! And no way her birthday is on Monday...where has the time gone?! Happy Early Birthday sweet Blair!!

  2. Blair is just so cute! I have absolutely loved following her little life this past year (and before!). So happy for you and your family. Have a great 1st birthday Blair!

  3. Blair is literally more beautiful every time you post a picture! & I cannot believe she'll be one in just 2 short days! Can't wait to see how her party comes together :) Happy (early) birthday sweet baby girl!


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