Easter 'Fits

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Does anyone else besides me and my college roomies shorten their words? Hence the blog title "Easter 'Fits?" Short for outfits. Obnoxious, I know. But kinda fun. :)

For once I feel like the boy outfits were cuter than the girls! One day if I do have a boy I will embrace it! Here are my top choices below...

all apparel from baby Gap (where else?) basket from pottery barn kids
and for the ladies...

all apparel from baby Gap except dress (target), basket from pottery barn kids

I actually bought B that Easter basket you see above because she got a gift card to PB for her birthday. I decided against the traditional wicker basket because you can really use it for only one thing...Easter. I feel like this basket is more versatile and can hold other things year round. Plus, it matches the colors of her room. Added bonus!

This year for Easter we are going to the country club (pinkies up! jk.) again since M's gramma invited us (score!). I'm already salivating over the thought of all the delicious food. That means I need to find a forgiving dress so I can eat till my heart's content. :) I. Love. Food. Speaking of, I gave up dessert for ten whooping days before I go to Vegas. That's right, Vegas! I'm going with a group of girlfriends and I. Can. Not. Wait! Time for some poolside lounging for sure. :) Can you say Vegas and Easter in the same paragraph? I just did. 

her new ikat dress :)

it's a dress i promise...


  1. Blair is so fashionable I love it! She sure has a sense of style;)
    What a doll face SERIOUSLY freaking cute! Get that girl a modeling gig!


  2. Loving your little gent picks! Seriously, boy clothing isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Especially if you're shopping at Baby Gap! ;) Blair looks as adorable as ever!

  3. My son will be wearing that sweater and the hat (but with the yellow stripe) for Easter this year! I love all of Gap's clothes!!!

  4. Where is the Ikat dress from!? Loving it

    1. it's from a boutique in Orange County but the brand is called milk and honey. hope you can find it!

  5. I bought the exact same Easter basket (the boy one) for my son last year. I like the wicker one, but right now I don't have the space to store it all year long for just one holiday. The fabric one is perfect and he can carry it around for Easter egg hunts.

    Have fun in Vegas!!


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