Monthly Pics Compilation

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Well Blair's first year wouldn't be complete without a little chevron photo sesh compilation! See for yourself!

be still my heart!

She was NOT having it when we did this last one. In between shots she was arching her back and throwing her head back. Homegirl was hungry but Mama was determined to get this done! I won. Well, kinda if you consider this pic a "win."

It's been so fun taking these shots throughout her first year. I'll kinda miss doing it but hubby said one year of this crazy picture taking is enough. Guess I'll just look forward to the next baby! Is is crazy that I'm already thinking about what kind of rug the next kiddo will lay on for their pics? Yes, yes it is.

Oh and be sure to check out yesterday's post again (if you haven't already) because I added a video that is pretty darn adorable if you ask me.


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  2. Wow such a difference between 8 and 9 months, all that hair! It's like she went from infant to older baby like that ::snap::

    And not crazy, but I get your husband, I can't wait to be done with A's weekly's...Love them, but looking forward to not being all "oh, wednesday picture day"

  3. Love how you used the chevron background.

  4. Aw, we call Beckett our 'bean' too :) Blair is just perfect & she literally gets cuter every month!

  5. I LOVE her little outfit. I would wear that in a heartbeat! She's the cutest little girl ever. And even though you're at a year now, you still have to update us on how she's doing!!

  6. LOVE this, perfect background and every single outfit is adorable! I did the monthly sticker pictures but I think next time I will just do cute outfits!

  7. Love her outfit and that HAIR! So so cute!


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