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Friday, March 15, 2013

In between writing thank you cards I've been doing a couple little projects. One thing I like to do is save cards. Instead of throwing all of B's 1st birthday cards away I bound them together to make a little "book." It was super easy and I think she will enjoy looking at them as she gets older. 

hole punch all the cards

arrange them in size

bind with ribbon
 What do you do with all of your old cards? Trash (gasp!)? Or do you stow them away in a box? 

I also finally had time to update our mantel for Easter. (By the way how do you spell "mantel"? I've seen it "mantle" and "mantel." Sigh.)

the calla lilies are from our yard. we transplanted them from our old house and the lived!

He is Risen print HERE. Wreath from JoAnns.

Blair was thrilled with the end result. :/

I mean she REALLY loved it!
For some reason while I was doing this she had a total melt down. We actually had a really fun day yesterday but this was not part of it. Here is the proof that she loves me...

that look!

i pushed her in her new swing

i bought her some new summer pjs because hello! it's in the 90's here!
This weekend we are hanging around home baby-proofing I'm sure. We've got gates to install, cupboards to lock, and a pool to fence. Well the last one isn't happening this weekend but soon. What are you guys up to?


  1. I cannot believe your weather! So jealous! Love that picture of you both in your stripy tanks-she looks so much like you!

  2. I saved our wedding cards for all these years and finally tossed them recently. Half of the people who attended our wedding are dead now anyway! Thanks for the guest list, mom! Lol!


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