FALLing in love

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Here are some things that are making me happy lately. Although I would be a lot happier if fall would just decide to get here and stay. I mean really...90 degrees on Election Day was lame. I just want to wear my sweaters and boots and infinity scarves! And I really want to put Blair in her winter clothes...
Me trying to make fall happen with my sweater but I really didn't need it. This is my friend Natalie and we were celebrating her baby boy that is due in January.

My Starbucks gold card came in the mail. Bring on the free drinks!
The color of sunflowers remind me of fall.
A fall treat on a pumpkin plate.
Mmmmm apple berry spice
Shoe challenge: gray sparkle flats
Today I am going to pick up this little baby at a consignment store...

This table will go in our entry way. Yippee!
Blair loves swinging at the park lately, but it's a tiring job!
PS I would love any advice on how to make B not wake up with the sun at 5:30 am. If this continues I need to start going to bed at 8pm! Oy!


  1. Bblackout shades are a staple in my kids rooms. Where is the consignment store??

  2. That piece is beautiful! I should find some consignment stores to look for items. I still love the shoe challenge! You have some great shoes and so does Blair. Those red bows are too cute!


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