Thursday's things for baby

Thursday, September 13, 2012

If I were having another baby tomorrow (which I'm not thank God) there are a few items I would like to try out.


Saw this advertised on Ellen and pretty sure I need to have this. It mimics the sway/bounce movement that mamas make when soothing their babes. You can also hook up your iPod if you want to play your own jams for your baby.

Ergo baby carrier

I have literally tried practically all the baby carriers. The bjorn, the moby, the beco, etc. They all have different things that I like but I hear the ergo is the end all be all. I like that it has a support strap around the waist which makes the load easier to carry. And I need all the breaks I can get with Blair's heavy bum...

Itzbeen timer

You should see the "notes" section on my iPhone. It's this crazy mess of Blair's night waking details from when she slept, for how long, whether she cried or not, which side I fed her on last etc. And when you're running on no sleep its hard to remember exactly what time she ate last. This thing remembers it all for you...genius! And it's less than $20, totally worth it.


Blair wanted me to add this to the list because she says she needs one to work on while Daddy uses his. :) For now I told her she has to share.


  1. I second the itzbeen that little thing! And we have the ergobaby but have yet to really use it. Ethan likes to face out so he's not too into it. You can use it up to 45 pounds thoug so I figure we still have time! ;)

  2. We have the mamaroo and I've loved it for the most part, only con it doesn't seem to go as fast as swings do, but big pro it's pretty small compared to most swings! I also want to try the ergobaby, I've herd so many great things about it! I love that Blair's helping her daddy work...too cute:)

  3. Hi there--I'm a new follower. Love your blog!

    We really like our mamaroo! Also, I ended up getting the Baby Connect app instead of the Itzbeen timer just because you can track more and it lets you store all the data to refer back to, take to doctors appointments, etc.


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