Mommy fail Monday

Monday, July 9, 2012

Thank you for all the encouraging comments from Friday's post. It took some guts for me to lay it all out there!

We had a great weekend. On Saturday we had a BBQ with some friends at our house and Sunday M's family came over for dinner since we had so much food left over!

I decided I should have "mommy fail monday" on my blog because at least once a week I do something that is worthy of being put in that category. Like yesterday morning. Woke up at 9:40 am to discover the mute button had accidentally been hit on B's monitor. When I looked at her on the screen she was squirming so I went in her room and discovered that she had been crying for a long time (her face was soaked with tears). I have never felt so horrible in my life! I will never know how long she had been crying for but of course I assumed the worst. Then I thought about how she is never going to trust me again (overreacting much?) or want to sleep in her big girl bed again. Sigh. It was bad. But she did sleep in her big girl bed (crib) again last night so I'm hoping her little peanut brain already forgot how bad her mommy was.

PS she was sleeping in her Rock n Play cradle in her room but she is now in her crib. Such a big girl!


This is us enjoying the party at our house on Saturday.

Needess to say M and I turned the volume way up and decided to keep her door open a tad from now on. We made sure to snuggle with her extra yesterday for our goof up. Poor B. Tomorrow B and I are going to the beach for the week with my mom and aunt. It will be a true test to see if I can be a "single mom" while M stays home to work. I may be coming home a little early if it's not going well!


  1. I love that picture! Two happy girls!

  2. You're a great mom!! We all make mistakes...I know I'm in for it! Love your honesty and that you're keepin it real! You and B are both sooo cute!

  3. It's ok!! She doesn't remember and none of us are perfect! One time Kelly was screaming for hours and it was a hungry cry but she wouldn't take any milk from the bottle. She would suck and then let go screaming. After several hours we realized there was a fuzz stuck in the opening in the nipple. We removed it and she gulped down two entire bottles...I know how you feel :) also, LOVE your post on MM and 50 go girl! Those things are disgusting.


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