Lunch and dinner dates

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yesterday was my friend Marie's birthday. Remember the one with the beautiful home I showcased a week ago? Anyway, she had some friends and family over to her home to celebrate and we had a great time! They served wonderful chicken tacos and had amazing desserts! Matt had fun playing croquet with some other daddies while B and I hung out with the mommies and discussed cloth diapers. Good times. :)

Audrey and Blair

I also had the pleasure of eating lunch with my dear teacher friend Letty at the Nordstrom cafe. It's one of my favorite spots and I may have picked up a couple things on the sale rack for B... I'll have to show you those later!

Today I am heading to the beach for the week with my mom and her twin sister. It beats the 100 plus degree weather we are having here!

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