Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, April 26, 2012

!!!!!!!!!!! So, Tuesday night was amazing! B fussed for 15 minutes a couple times when we laid her down initially but then put herself to sleep. At some points she didn't cry at all! I slept for over 8 glorious hours and could not be more thrilled with Baby Wise. This has been SO worth it! As far as her naps go I have been more flexible. She slept this morning in the stroller while I went for a walk with M's mom. Then the rest of the day she slept in her rock n play (which is like an inclined cradle) for all of her naps. Each nap was an hour and a half! This is one happy mama that is for sure!

On to other news (but really what is more exciting than what I wrote above?) it's my birthday on Monday! I'll be 28...which is dangerously close to 30! Last year on my birthday I flew up to San Jose to visit my college roommates and best friends, Diana and Kelly. This year they are flying down to visit me and my new baby! Wow, things changed quickly in a year... Here we are last year...

wow! i look well rested!
I thought it would be appropriate to share a little realistic birthday wish list below...

colored denim

silver danglies

a new fedora

tanks and Ts that spit up washes out of easily...   

uninterrupted sleep 
a cute one piece..because who knows if i'll be ready to wear a one piece!

Truthfully, I am really just happy to spend my birthday with my family and bff's. I'm looking forward to bbqing, swimming, hot tubbing, and sitting by the fire pit this weekend with the people I love! I hope that B is going to give me the gift of sleep... :)


  1. Yay for your birthday being this Monday!! Hope you have a blast with your friends and fingers crossed that B keeps her sleeping up!

  2. Happy early birthday! You can’t say that you’re almost to 30 because I am not far behind you and I don’t want to be close to 30! :) Glad BW is working out. Haha… I will continue to pray for you to get some sleep!!

  3. Wow sounds like things are heading in the right direction for sleep, I definitely need to get this book and start reading it before my lil miss gets here! Happy Early Birthday...I hope all your birthday wishes come true!!!

  4. I love the birthday list- especially the colored denim! I have a red pair that I wear constantly :)

  5. I need that swimsuit! Where is it from?


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