Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I think I'll be taking the easy way out for a while (due to the sheer volume of spit up I am unable to continue with work it wednesdays for right now...) and start taking advantage of "wordless wednesdays". And thanks to my lovely friend Carrie I am able to do that...

It's amazing what she can do with a photo. This picture was taken as an after thought (check out my roots/ponytail) but she makes it look so good! Anyone remember the "awkward" from this post about me thinking B was peeing but in reality it was my breasts leaking? Yeah. That was this photo. :) Now the story comes full circle...

A couple more...but i need to spread these out for blogging material! 

love her little smile!

all that hair!

looks just like her grandpa brad here!

blair bear

There's so many more i can't wait to share! Thank you Carrie!


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