Baby Essentials

Friday, April 13, 2012

There are some baby items that I have discovered that I can't live without. Here are my recommendations for all you mamas to be (or if you are thinking about having kids soon!).


B loves riding in the Moby. She gets to hear my heartbeat and the rhythm of my movement puts her right to sleep

- nipple shield

this was a life saver in the beginning when B wouldn't latch because she was so used to the nipples in the NICU

- swaddle sleepers

these things are great for night time sleep

- a strapless bra for pumping 

i know this is hilarious but seriously this bra was legit! I would blog and FB while pumping :)
- boppy

perfect for nursing!

- gas tablets

- pacifiers

this is the binky that the NICU used so I stuck with it!


*** items I plan to purchase
-a sling wrap (seems faster than the moby)
-a stroller that my car seat can fit into

PS please pray for us during these next six weeks. B had a serious melt down last night for four straight hours. I was beside myself trying to get her to stop screaming. It was HORRIBLE. Now I have "the fear" every night in the evening. I never know what to expect. Pray for M and I to be patient and to know that sometimes there is just nothing we can do to make her happy. I'm hoping it's not colic and that it's just a fussy period that all babies go through in the evenings. Our days continue to be filled with a happy baby who sleeps and nurses. Let's hope tonight is a good night!

***update: so far so good tonight!


  1. I have a blog 1/2 way though like this too! I just need to upload the pictures! Thanks for the reminder!
    Also, I have a sling that has never been used, still in the package. You are welcome to it! I'll text you about it tomorrow!
    Hope you are having a good night!

  2. thanks for the tips! seems there are SO many baby products out there, so I like seeing what everyone else prefers. good luck with the nighttime hours!

  3. I love hearing about mamas and their favorite products, I only have 4 weeks to go and these will all be super helpful! Blair is adorable, I hope your nights get better:)


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