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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prepare your oooh's and awwww's as I reveal some of Blair's sweetest gifts from my last showers. And while the practical items don't get as much blogging time that is not to say that I don't appreciate and love those items just as much! They just aren't as fun to look at. :)

crocheted blankie from my grandma

this will be blair's favorite stuffie! a mini bella!

cutest pjs ever from an LA boutique

blair bear

burp cloths (minus the stinkin cute ones that i got the next day that have cupcakes!)

oh so precious!

nighty night sleep tight!

i secretly wish i could wear this because it's so adorable. pretty sure b's thighs will look better in it though...

both blankie and stuffie were handmade by our thoughtful!
House update: we started boxing some things up last night. Was hoping for the keys on Friday so we could schlep some things over to the new place but I don't know if everything will "line up" by then. Either way I'm revealing our place tomorrow! Thanks for all the support and prayers. :)

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  1. Sooo many cute things for Baby Blair!! Love the crochet'll have that forever! :)


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