Never Will I Ever...

Friday, January 13, 2012

One of my good friends suggested to me that I talk about some of the things that I DON'T want to do as a mommy. She promised me I would laugh about all the ideas I had while pregnant that never came to fruition as an actual mommy in the real world. Here comes a bunch of empty promises...


not make special meals for my kids. I refuse to be a short order chef.

not let stuffed animals take over my child's room.

not let my child sleep with me in the bed overnight

not let the dog sleep with my child...unless it's for a picture :)

make my own baby food with the magic baby bullet I got for Christmas

never let my kid wear Disney or decorate their room in Disney. unless we are at Disneyland.

have many people watch my child so she doesn't have separation anxiety

get out of the house and get dressed. do I dare say every day?

be a fun mommy who does crafts. this should be easy since i have taught Kindergarten and 1st grade...

get in running shape again while baby rides in the stroller.

be ever grateful that i get to be a stay at home mommy. this one i think i can do :)

Well, tomorrow is the day we are off to Maui! This makes me happy. The blog will not be in action while I am gone so I apologize in advance for being MIA. See you all in a week! Can't wait to fill you in when I get back! 

PS one of our offers was countered on one of my dream homes... keep praying for it to work out! YAY!!!!!!!!!


  1. cute definately need to look back at this in a year and update what did and didn't happen, there will definately be laughs :)

  2. great ideas! have a wonderful time in hawaii!! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Aw, this was so cute. I can't wait for you to be a mommy! Have fun in Maui...rock the bikinis and your innie! We'll be praying for the home to work out!

  4. Hope you have the best time in Hawaii!! And I love your list! Will definitely be fun to look back on after Blair shows up!

  5. hahah this list makes me laugh :) i agree, short order chef = not so much fun. this list is such a cute idea for all the future mama's out there!! enjoy your time in the sun and can't wait to read about how it was :)


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