Maternity Mondays: Week 26

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! I plan on dedicating a post to the monumental New Year later this week but for now it's Maternity Monday time! To be honest I was going to take the day off because *hello!* this is a national holiday and that's typically how I roll but alas I couldn't let my readers down. :) 

Today is bittersweet for me. Bitter because I go back to work tomorrow, sweet because it's another day of vacation! I was however very productive over break. I began/finished my maternity scrapbook, completed a DIY mobile for Blair, exercised everyday, wrote thank you's for Christmas, and completed the invitations for my shower in February. ( my mom's hosting it but I insisted on being in charge of the invites.) :) Oh. And took down our Christmas decor...which took forever! Below is my productive, nesting self...

When I look back at week 4 I die! Here it is below for fun...

Shut up! Is that even the same person? Never mind the fact that it was the end of summer then and I was tanner and blonder...look at that stomach! Now I'm thinking I was crazy for ever complaining about the "pooch" I claimed to have. Um try being 26 weeks prego...

-buying a girliy baby item and having the lady behind me in line ask how old my daughter was. I was like 26 weeks and she's still cooking... Did she not see my belly?!?!
- thinking I could fit into some of my summer dresses (it's been in the 80s here!). M just about died at how short/tight they were. I'm thinking I will be donning moo-moos for sure in Maui... :(

-my hair is growing at lightening speed! However, that means my roots are as well... arg.
-taking a few maternity pictures at an impromptu session with my friend Carrie. Yay for the bump!

Happy New Year and have a great Maternity Monday! Lots in store for the blog this week...can't wait to show you!


  1. Gosh what a difference 26 weeks make! But you are just glowing!! Love your sweet bump...may have a case of bump envy over here! ;) I tell that to Ryan when I see cute prego ladies around town! Can't believe how close you're getting!!! xo

  2. You are all BELLY! You look great Natalie!
    When I was 22 weeks prego we went to Mexico and I didnt care, sport a bikini, sport sun dresses work that prego body!!!

  3. You look absolutely amazing! Much belated congrats as I am just finding your blog!




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