Maternity Mondays: Week 24

Monday, December 19, 2011

So now that I'm on vacation I'm a total slacker apparently! I couldn't get my act together this weekend to take a picture of week 24 so M is coming home at lunch today to snap one.

trying to find my belly button. it's just a slit! but still an innie! yippee!

woah mama

M's quote during this week's photo shoot was, "Dang your tummy sticks out for a mile." Newsflash: it's gonna get worse! 

While pregnancy in general has been so kind to me, last week I experienced some new sporadic symptoms. Some weird pain in the ligaments behind my knees (they say all ligaments stretch) and GASP! are you ready for this?... a stretch mark! UGH! Although I didn't cry I did freak out. There it was right there on my left hip. Glorious. I've been applying stretch mark cream like a fiend since day one but my hopes for it actually working are slim to none. Sigh. I just keep reminding myself, "Blair will be worth it. You're a mom now, not a swim suit model." But how come Victoria's Secret models can be both? Boo, not fair.

On to more exciting, not depressing, news is the fact that we're house hunting! If you remember from this post I had a total melt down because I thought we would be in our two bedroom one bath forever. Turns out that will not be the case! I realize now that God wanted me to be content with what I had before he was going to bless me with a bigger home. It has been a little stressful searching for a home, but good stress. You can imagine that it does cause a little anxiety with baby on the way though! There is a little fire lit under my bum to move faster rather than slower. Much to the chagrin of my mom. :) Below is a picture of the house we are currently mulling over...

It's technically a four bedroom with an office and 3 baths. It's move in ready except for a few minor things and I really love it! We will see though. It's up to the big man upstairs! Although I do love falling asleep at night daydreaming about how I would decorate it...


  1. OHHH my goodness!!! Look at your bump grow! You are just radiant! Love seeing the bump all bare! And how exciting that you're house hunting!! I want more details!! :)

  2. Hopefully the house comes through for you guys!! I'll say some prayers!

  3. You look perfect! Perfect little baby cute!! Dont worry about the stretch is ALL worth it :)


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