Christmas 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

I know it's a little late but here is our Christmas re-cap. If I had exciting any plans for New Year's Eve I would be posting about that but let's be real... I'm pregnant. And that doesn't lend itself to an epic New Year's Eve.

lovin' my fresh face/hair and the fact that my robe is tied right under my bust :)

Christmas at my parents

their first Christmas

here comes trouble...

we never have Christmas without guns

...or hot sauce

surfin' USA

baby prezies!
So who has big New Year's plans? I'll probably go out to dinner and see a movie with Matt and be in bed before midnight. Ask me if I care? I don't. In fact, I am totally content with my plans! 

P.S. We put an offer down on another house but I'm not getting attached to it and certainly not posting a picture of it until it's a go. Just thought I would update you on that tidbit... :)

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  1. Awww looks like fun! I think we'll be having dinner at Ryan's parents and celebrating a late Christmas on NYE. Yep...pretty exciting too! ;)


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