A Hiking we will go Part II

Friday, August 26, 2011

As you know last weekend M and I went backpacking with some friends in the Sierra Nevada's outside of Fresno. We camped at a place called Dinkey Lakes and had a great time. The hiking was MUCH easier than it was in Yosemite (hello? half dome!) which was a nice break. The boys attempted to do some fishing but didn't have too much luck unfortunately. The views we took in were absolutely stunning though and made the trip worth it. I love being outside and breathing the fresh air while getting exercise. Plus, it makes Bella really happy. :) She went crazy on our hikes and had to be the leader at all times. It was pretty cute.
lunch time on the small hill peak. yosemite is way in the distance
our group
M and B lovin' life
B and I watching M fish. don't judge the crocks...they're only worn backpacking and gardening!
So beautiful!
Natural Bridge
What else could I do but practice my fish tail? I forgot my kindle...
although this is pretty is was filled with mosquitoes! I came home with 12 bites (one on my forehead!)
the camera did not do this place justice...
our huge messy camp. and by our i mean the bushmans...
still waters

So have I convinced any of you city girls to start heading out to the wilderness? If I can do it you can do it! Today I am flying out to San Jose for a wedding on Saturday and am SO excited to stay with my best friends. It's so hard when we live far away. Are your best friends close to you? What are your weekend plans? Monday the kiddos show up and I start a new school year teaching 29 first graders. Does anyone else think this is ridiculous? Sigh. Pray for me...


  1. i accidentally posted this early. oops! friday's post is officially one day early.

  2. You guys are such a beautiful couple!! love the fish tail braid.

    Ian and I are also planning a Yosemite trip in the near future..such a beautiful place

  3. so pretty!!! i can smell the pine right now. love the fish bone braid, so cute!

  4. No shame here with the Crocs. I love mine and rock them when I can! I live in a different state than my best friend and it's hard- like really hard. Have fun with your friends and at the wedding!

  5. Those pictures are amazing!! Looks like so much fun! And lol about the crocs!



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