Tuesday, August 9, 2011

While I was at the beach I convinced my mom and her twin sister to go shopping with me downtown. They bought matching leopard shirts (always matching) and I scored some cute dresses from a store in downtown San Clemente called Swirls. Two of the dresses I bought are here and here. I was smitten with this store because the prices are reasonable and their things are unique. The dress I am wearing here though is from a boutique up the street from Swirls called Habit

toes: Gargantuan Grape by OPI
The blue striped skirt is also sold at Swirls. I saw it in the check out line and it was too late...buyers remorse!

How cute is the bride to be? Her blue sash and toes are the same color as her bridesmaids' dresses.

dress: ark and co.
shoes: seychelles
cardi: JJ Basics
shades: Marc Jacobs
I forgot all my accessories at home. boo. 


  1. Love that dress!


  2. how cute are you and all your friends, gorgeous girls and i love each of your dresses!


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