The Whole Team

Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Monday I went to an Angels game with the Grove high school youth group. As I was dropping Bella off at my parents house my mom goes, "Root, root root for the whole team!" I was like, "Mom, it's the HOME team." Ha ha. Anyway we had a blast and Matt and I ate at Panda Express before for dinner. I haven't eaten there since high school because I know how horrible it is for you but it was SO delicious! I should have documented it.
Here we are in our Angel gear. Well, most of us anyway. (Ahem, Josh).

Unfortunately, we lost but something amazing did happen... we were on the jumbo tron for the first time! If you know me you know how exciting this is. :) Although I was not the center of attention on the big screen I did manage to get my head in there pretty good. :) I'm still hoping for the kiss cam in the future. One can dream...

Do you go to baseball games? Who is your favorite team?

PS There was the cutest chubby kid who was sitting behind us dancing the whole game. My friend videoed him on his phone so I'm hoping I can show that to you eventually. He was sweating!

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