You Got Schooled

Monday, August 29, 2011

Today is the day. For me it's a day of mourning and total depression. Ok so I'm being a little dramatic but it is the first day of school. Which means summer vacation is officially over. Which makes me one sad girl. In honor of this day I thought I would post some pictures of my classroom. It's a little more put together than these photos suggest but you get the idea. Knowledge is power! ;)

made this with my cricut
also a cricut creation
and again...
math manipulatives
writing wall
my lack of objectives

crazy focus wall for language arts
more of the focus wall
naughty or nice?
i realize august is missing a day.
math wall
unsharpened pencils

So fellow teachers what do you think? Be praying for me today as I try to survive on my first day of school! This will be the fifth time I have done this and I still get nervous. Is that normal? You just never know who is going to walk through that door...


  1. great photos natalie!! good luck with this school year hope those kiddies give you the best year yet

  2. What a great fun classroom! Good luck on your first day :)

  3. What a fun classroom!!! The kids will love you! Good luck!

  4. What an organized classroom! I hope today goes well!

  5. Darling classroom, bet the kids love it! Hope you have a great first day...what are you wearing? ha ha. I'm with you on the end of summer hard!!! PS How come school doesn't start until AFTER Labor Day, that would be so much easier.

  6. Oh SOO cute! I just think you are probably one of the cutest little teachers out there! Those are some lucky kids! :) Hope your first day went great!

  7. Ethan's in 1st grade this year...that would be awesome if we still lived in R-side and he had you! He has a crush on his cute teacher and I'm sure you'll have many crushes too =)

  8. Very fun! I heard the cutest saying, my friends daughters teacher was wanting their attention and so she says in her adorable Texas accent "Eyes Guys"...and all the kids responded with "Ears Dears" cute!!

  9. It looks great, everything is SO organized!!!


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