Sweet dreams

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ah, the bedroom. One of my favorite places (right behind the kitchen!). Who doesn't love to sleep? I am absolutely in love with bedrooms that have big, white, puffy duvet covers. I think it is so calming, beautiful, and clean looking. Hence, my white duvet cover! I have seen many others at stores like Anthropoligie and Pottery Barn that I am smitten with but haven't had a reason to purchase them since ours is still in such good shape. Maybe after this re-model I will have an excuse to update. :)
 this is what our room looks like when you walk in

 someday i want to mat our wedding picture in white or flax linen

 gotta have a bed for the princess!

 our furniture is kids furniture. our house is so small that adult furniture wouldn't fit!

 i like having greenery in a room. even if it is fake. :)

 my friend carrie took this photo of us

 my roomie in college diana took this of us. we were so young!

love our jasmine outside. it smells so wonderful when the windows are open!

hope you enjoyed a peek into our little home! more to come later. :) have a great weekend! See you Monday!


  1. kids furniture or not this room looks very grown up and cozy! I am a huge fan of puffy duvet covers, yours looks amazing!

  2. Agree with the puffy duvet, and the flowers (we have fake ones too). Your room is perfectly decorated! Show more! Your house is so cute Natalie.. love getting a peek into people's homes :)

  3. Love the greenery...such a lovely bedroom!

  4. Such a cute bedroom <3 Bow chica wow wow.

  5. omg you still have that pic i took! crazy. Love you guys <3


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