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Friday, May 6, 2011

 Does anyone else out there secretly peek inside other people's medicine cabinets when your in their bathroom? I admit, it may be a little creepy but usually it says so much about them! My medicine cabinet holds everything BUT medicine (unless you count daily multi- vitamins as medicine) so I thought I would share some of my favorite beauty items with you. The cabinet is usually organized but I did tidy it up a teensy little bit for the picture. :)

 at the ripe old age of 27, wrinkle cream has become part of my daily routine...

 my amazing hair dresser recommended it's a 10 to me and I will never look back!

 this is my ALL time favorite scent ever! i'm trying to use up my old lotions so I can become an exclusive amazing grace scent wearer. ps my make-up brushes reside in a recycled Crystal Lite tube.

 ok so I know band-aids are kinda dorky but I secretly have a crush with Hello Kitty. However when I am in serious blister territory I resort to band-aid tough strips (not the waterproof ones). They last for a week even in the shower! Shout out to my CHI serum as well. The scent is so yummy and kind of smells masculine.

 spring nail polish collection with my cutie tweezers

love my laura mercier light coverage foundation. i think i have had that chanel highlighter since junior year of college. the clear smashbox primer works wonder for my make-up to stay in place. vintage fossil watch tins hold my hair ties and bobby pins.

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