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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There are a few things that I look for when visiting a new blog. To decide if it is going to be a blog that I follow it has to meet my criteria. I like to see photos from the writer's personal life (because I am nosy), I like to see what blogs they follow (for new inspiration), and I LOVE to see where they live/how they decorate. With that said I should start following my own advice! That is where today's blog inspiration comes from. Since I know how much I love peeking into other bloggers homes I took some photos of our little home and decided to share them with you. Eventually (like this summer) I would like to create tabs on my blog that have my posts organized into fashion, food, home etc.

A little background on our house... it was built in 1916 so there are a few quirky and charming things about it. It is a Craftsman style and we have owned it for 4 years. We LOVE our neighbors and want to stay here until we can afford to move to the beach. :) Eventually we want to have children so our current two bedroom one bathroom will have to be re-modeled (this excites me SO much). As things progress I will be keeping you updated with lots of before, in between, and after photos!

The first room on the list is our family room. Enjoy! Oh, and I haven't had any advice/training in decor so suggestions are welcome. :)
 this is looking out our front door towards the street. all molding/hard wood floors/windows are original.

 so lucky to have such beautiful built-ins! obviously an original fireplace. not in love with the peach tile...

Bella was watching a cat during my photo shoot. :) The painting above the love seat was done by Matt's cousin Bobby. He is amazing! Next up tomorrow: dining room! You can kind of get a sneak peak in this shot. 

So, what do you think? Comments? Suggestions?


  1. Put something in the picture frame in the 3rd photo. ; )

  2. I too love to see sneak peeks inside bloggers homes / apartments! Love the peach tile around your fireplace!


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