Outdoor Shower DIY

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The only good thing about the Corona Virus is all the home DIY projects we've been tackling! Always a silver lining, am I right? 

Our outdoor shower has proven to be one of the most useful and practical projects we've done. No more dripping wet children trekking across our house and marching upstairs to get their hair washed. And when you have blonde kiddos you've got to wash every time to avoid the "green sheen." 

This outdoor shower could have been done so many different ways (according to you tube) but we really just needed something simple. We could have had our house piped but that would have cost an arm and a leg so we just went with this outdoor tank-less water heater from Amazon. You attach a hose and a propane tank to it. 

Matt grabbed a fence from Home Depot and cut it in half and secured it together (with a nail gun and some scrap wood support pieces). He sealed it with Thompson's water seal in clear. He originally bought a cherry red wood seal and I had to say "Nope. That is not the look I want." Haha back to the store he went. 

I stenciled the concrete after seeing my friend Ashley do her front porch. That is a whole other tutorial in itself and she does a great job explaining it on her story in her highlights under "porch" (@_ashley_noel_ ). I grabbed my stencil from @royalstencils . My one tip is don't use a lot of paint at all on your brush... it causes major bleeding under the stencil. Practice first on cardboard. Also, embrace the imperfections! It adds character ;). 

We added THIS anti slip top coat as a last step. 

I've listed the links below to the rest of the shower items:

I hope this was helpful and be sure to leave me a comment with questions or DM me at @natyouraveragegirl !

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