Playkids Explorer Learning Kit

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

With summer quickly approaching I'm looking for ways to keep my kids out of my hair learning ;). All joking aside, Blair LOVES school and I know she will enjoy some learning activities over the summer. I recently tried out Playkids Explorer Kits and the kids were obsessed! Playkids Explorer is all about personalized, hands-on learning. The kit included stories, crafts, and games which were a hit.

Our kit's theme was "space" and each one of my kiddos got a cute book about space featuring them as the main character. I love that the activities were age appropriate and my kids were truly engaged in what we were doing. 

Look at Cal checking out his personalized book!
Everly loved finding the pictures that I named.

Of course Blair loved the crafts but she also enjoyed the question/answer cards.

I loved being able to spend intentional time with my kids. I know they crave having my undivided attention. These Playkids Explorer learning kits allowed me to work with the babies while simultaneously checking to make sure Blair was following directions in her kit. Win-win!

Are you guys scheduling some learning time into your summer? What are some of your favorite activities? Be sure to check out Playkids Explorer!

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