Beddy's: Zippable bedding!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Blair is a crafty one let me tell you. One of her chores is to make her bed in the morning. She's decided this is too much work so instead of sleeping in her bed she sleeps on her bed with a throw blanket over herself. This makes "making her bed" pretty painless but her nights can be a little chilly.

I recently discovered Beddy's on Instagram and *poof* problem solved! Beddy's is seriously one of the most genius inventions in bedding out there. The sides of the comforter zip up! There are no sheets to pull up either because a fitted sheet is sewn inside along with a super soft minky material. When I showed it to Blair she was literally squeeling with delight haha. Blair's Beddy's is pink but they come in an array of colors for girls and boys. I was excited that her set not only came with the zipping comforter but two pillow cases and matching shams...score! No more having to buy sheets!

I definitely recommend Beddy's... cute and functional combine to make a mom (and kid) win! This post is sponsored by Beddy's but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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