Halloween 2017

Friday, November 17, 2017

Before it gets too late (is it too late?!) I wanted to post our Halloween costumes! I decided that it would be funny to have the twins dress up as Grumpy and Happy from Snow White (because at least one of them is grumpy at any given moment). At first Everly earned the Grumpy costume but we ended up pulling a switcheroo because Cal has just been such a baby lately haha. And you can see he is playing the part in our family photo below!

Matt thinks I should wear the beard on a regular basis...thoughts?! ;)

A big thanks to Matt's Mom for making the twins' costumes...they were a hit! And what a good sport M was wearing his Dopey ears. :) Blair actually decided I should be Sleepy because I'm always tired and that M should be Dopey because he's such a silly Dad. Of course nothing fits her better than being the princess!

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