Fall Fun at Los Rios Ranchos

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A couple weeks ago M and I took the kids to go apple picking in Oak Glen. This is my idea of fun (hello cute photo opps!) and M's idea of not so fun.

We got off to a rough start since it was almost 90 degrees and we both had sweaty babies attached to our body in the direct sun. I'm pretty sure there is nothing worse than being sweaty-hot while trying to help your wife get the "perfect shot" of the kids. Ha ha. Poor guy. I could tell our adventure was going down in flames fast so we hopped in the car to find a more comfortable location.

Just a few hundred feet down the road we pulled into Los Rios Ranchos and got the BEST parking spot in the whole place! Instantly our mood was lifted and we were able to spread out our blanket in the shade and enjoy some apple pie, cider, and a carmel apple. It ended up being super relaxing and the kids loved crawling/running around on the lawn.

Everly loves her...I promise ;) 

We ended the day with a walk around the farm to check out the butterfly garden. Blair was all about it and it really was beautiful.

Our tour guide
It ended up being a great family day and we really need to do things like this more often! Maayyybe with a little less heat though. ;)

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