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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Real is hard to find time to blog! I know it seems silly for a stay at home mom to say that but between Blair's homework, sports, my gym time, errands, chores etc. the day gets away from me! And sometimes I just can't muster up the energy to do it once they are all in bed. So, I'm not quitting on you guys...just trying to figure out how to balance it all!

So far Blair has been off to a great start at school. She loves her teacher, enjoys the routine of school, and always looks forward to pizza day. :)

Last week some friends went to our old college town (San Luis Obispo) and brought the twins back some school spirit wear. The weather is finally cooling off here so we were able to enjoy our new gear while we grabbed some donuts on Saturday morning.

You can tell that Cal is really itching to move on his own and he's so so close! Everly is still content pushing her walker around the house and being held by Daddy. :)

Cal's jeans: AG (from Nordstrom anniversary sale) girl's jeans but you wouldn't know!
Twins' shoes: freshly picked
Evie's bow: Little Elle Boutique
Blair's Jeans: Hudson (Nordstrom anniversary sale)

Both jeans are sold out but check out @tattrdthreads on Instagram...she has the CUTEST worn jeans for littles!


  1. So I have been following you for a while a remember you had a t shirt quilt made. Do you know where I can find that post. I'm looking at getting one made.

    1. Hi! Here it is!


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