Saranoni Blanket Giveaway

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We're a blankie loving family over here. I still have mine (what's left of it) in the garage. It pretty much looks like a rope that you would climb out of a burning building on but I still love it all the same. Blair attached to a sleep sack  that she used to sleep in as a baby. It is the most disgusting thing you have ever seen...a lovely shade of grey even though it was pink when we first purchased it. 

I've been pushing a blankie on Evie and Cal because it's nice to be able to take it to a new place and have them feel comforted regardless of where they are. They currently have muslin blankets that they like but with the colder months approaching I thought they would enjoy the Saranoni blankets to cuddle with. 

These blankets are the ultimate soft luxury blankets and are beautiful! They are a great size and the babies love them. Saranoni is giving away TWO free blankets to two lucky winners! To enter head over to my Instagram account (@natyouraveragegirl) to enter for a chance to win your own! Winners will be chosen in 48 hours. Good luck! 

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