4th of July

Friday, July 7, 2017

I'm finally getting around to talking about our first 4th of July as a family of five! The twins came home with colds. :( Add teething into the mix for poor Evie and that is where I've been spending all my time.

I'm always glad that we try new things with the twins but it's always a welcome relief to come back home. The 4th of July was fun but man is it WORK getting everything we need packed up and out the door. I need a vacation from my vacation. ;) We enjoyed spending time together as a family but can I just say we have no intention of going to the beach again this summer? We enjoyed the cool weather that the coast had to offer but babies and sand are not my definition of a good time. Not to mention wearing them in a front pack for nap time. Nope. No thanks. We shall enjoy looking at the beach from the beach house for the remainder of this summer. ;)

M and I did however love exercising in the cool weather...sure beats the triple digit temps at home! The babies liked watching the trains, dogs, and people zooming past them in the stroller and I liked the iced coffee at the pier. :)

We introduced the twins to Cyprus Shore's annual 4th of July parade (Blair's favorite!) complete with donuts, coffee, and festive attire.

So thankful for the freedom that our country offers. It's definitely worth celebrating!

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