She Works Hard for the Money

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Did you get an allowance growing up? Or get paid to do chores? As I got older my Mom would let me do certain things around the house and get paid for it. I would ask to do things that were above and beyond general chores like babysitting, cleaning out the fridge or hall closet.

Lately Blair has been asking for ways to earn money. M and I decided that there are certain things we expect her to do because she is a member of our household and with that comes responsibilities. But there are other things that if she does them (without whining) we pay her for. Her chores are:

1. Make her bed
2. Get dressed
3. Clear her dishes throughout the day
4. Put away clean silverware
5. Clean up the twins' toys

I printed out this chore chart and decided that if all these things get done then she gets paid. We keep it on the fridge and she puts stickers on it when she completes a task. For now I remind her to make her bed but the other things she typically remembers to do on her own. We also have been teaching her to give some of her earnings back to God by tithing at the church. I think it is important for her to understand that God has given her the ability to work and earn money so the way that we thank Him for that is by giving to our church. She loves bringing her dollar into Sunday school and slipping it in Noah's Ark. :)

She recently saved up enough money to buy her first toy...Kitty Surprise! How many kitties are there inside? There could be 3, or 4, or 5!. Haha you know you're singing along. While she was at Target making her selection she found a few other items to save for which is great incentive for her. When we got to the cashier she proudly handed over all her one dollar bills. It was pretty cute. She did say, "Ugh. Now I have to save my money allllll over again."

Yup. That's how it works!

Do you guys have anything you do like this? Allowances or chores?


  1. Love love love her dress! Where is it from?

    1. It's from a boutique called seed kids in Redlands but I believe the brand is called "be little" :)


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