Spring Break 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017

We ventured out and took the babies to my parents beach house for the last few days and it went surprisingly well! Blair is on spring break so we decided to give it a whirl and we didn't regret it. It took a lot of work but it actually did feel like a vacation. We had lots of helpful hands and staring at the ocean all day long has a way of relaxing you. ;)

It was a lot of firsts for the babies...including their first swim! Poor Cal jumped so much he got blisters on the bottom of his toes. :( My suit: JCrew

Evie was lovin' life with her Lala in the hot tub! Laid back...

Blair was the cutest mermaid at the pool! Suit by Cat and Jack.

Babies first time seeing the ocean. Clearly I didn't think we would be taking a picture ha ha. PJs and workout clothes for the win! 

Our favorite coffee shop in San Clemente...Bear Coast! A picture of my triplets ;) 
This is becoming a regular expression of Cal's and I freaking love it. 
We're rounding out our spring break by hitting up Disneyland today. Corn dogs for all! ;)

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