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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Last week we took some (more!) family photos with my friend Carrie. This time we did them with M's family and I can't wait to see them! The babies were SO good even if they didn't smile. They didn't cry so I'll take it! Here's a sneak peek...

bow: cammi and co. dress: old navy sweater: old navy shoes: freshly picked

Cal kills me. He looks like such an old man! Cute, none the less and he looks JUST like Matt's baby photos. And the older Evie gets the more she resembles my baby fun! 

The babies are getting so big (even if they are 1% for weight) and their personalities are blooming. I just can't stand it! They are so cute and so sweet and we are more in love with them each day. I'll be giving a more thorough update in a couple of weeks when they turn five months. :) 

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