Happy 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! We stayed in this year (for obvious reasons) and enjoyed some wine and cheese with a couple friends. I was pretty proud of myself for staying up past midnight. Even if it was only 12:30. ;) I've been thinking of what I want this year to look like for me and thought I would share some of my goals.
Kiss me at midnight

1. Lose the baby weight. 
The fun is over, friends. Time to get serious about these last 12 pounds (and then some thanks to the holidays). M and I are committed to no dairy, sugar, or alcohol until we reach our goal weight. Then we plan on doing something fun or purchasing something fun. We haven't decided yet! But it's always easier to do these types of things together.

2. Tackle our house DIY list. 
We've already completed project one...building a new mantle. There is a TON of stuff on our list that is relatively cheap but just takes time. The mantle cost M $40 to make and I sold our old mantle for $40. Yay for free! I hope you will enjoy seeing our befores and afters these next twelve months.

3. Simplify
I've already started cleaning out cupboards here and there. Last week I was rummaging through a cupboard in my bathroom and found lotion from COLLEGE. Come on. Who's using that?! I'm making a pile in the garage of things to give to our church for their annual rummage sale. I'm also really thrilled every time I can put a baby item in that pile (or give it to a friend). We will slowly be getting some space back in our house as the bulky baby items leave!

4. Enjoy now
As in don't worry about things in the future. Or wish to be in the future when life will be "easier." I have a bad habit of looking forward to the next stage with the twins. I'm always saying things like, "I can't wait till they can sit. I can't wait until they are eating solids. I can't wait till they drop this nap." I want to slow down and enjoy these babies since they are our last. I waited so long to get them and I want to focus on enjoying them NOW.

5. Start dating Matt again
The last two to three years M and I were so heavily focused on getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and then delivering two healthy babies. We finally feel like we are on the other side of that huge mountain we climbed and want to spend more quality time together. We want to go on at least 1 date a month and have one night a week where we connect and spend time together after the kids go to bed without our phone or tv. I'm looking forward to this season!

6. Bless others
This goes with #5. People came along side of us and blessed us beyond measure these last few years (and still are!). We want to do the same back! Whether it is bringing meals to friends with new babies, or having their toddlers over for play dates, or giving them our baby gear etc, we want to give back.

7. Floss
Ha ha just kidding. I say this every year and it never happens. Sorry, Linda. ;)

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  1. Yes you must enjoy those babies now. You will soon miss those cuddles, two/three naps a day. etc. My third baby is 8 months and oh how I miss when all he wanted to do was lay on my chest and sleep. However, those belly laughs and open mouth kisses are pretty amazing too! ;)


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