Oh Christmas Tree

Monday, December 5, 2016

I'm pretty sure I title our Christmas tree shopping experience the same thing every year on my blog. But is there a better phrase? I think not.

Anyway, over the weekend we battled the flu with Blair which involved me scraping applesauce off of her sheets (I was definitely dry heaving). We are also still battling a cold with Cal (poor baby). Oh, and we got our Christmas tree! The third item on the list was by far the best experience of the three.

Every year we go back and forth between decided if we want the "experience" of cutting down our own tree or getting the tree that looks the prettiest at Home Depot. I love a good douglas fir but this year the "experience" trumped the fir and we headed out to a local Christmas tree farm.

We were a complete circus as usual and several people asked us if we needed help (um, yes!) which always makes me feel like we are doing something wrong. Or maybe they are just really nice people? Either way I always take them up on help. Don't ask if you don't mean it! ;)

Diaper bag by Lily Jade

My poncho by CAbi, boots from Target. Blair's reindeer top from Carter's and her pants are Old Navy. Moccs by Freshly Picked. 

Went on a dinner date with two other mommy friends and they snapped this awkward picture of me by myself. But I see it as proof that I don't ALWAYS wear pajamas or workout clothes. ;) 

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