Kids Christmas Decor

Monday, November 14, 2016

One of my weekly outings is going to Target because it's something fun to do while wearing a baby. :) I've been eyeing their Christmas decor and they have the most darling festive things. I especially love the items that have a little bit of pink in them because they are perfect for Blair's room! She has some mini Christmas trees like the ones pictured below from Target (last year) and I found some other decorations that would complement them so well!

Take a peek at the festiveness I would like to add to her room. I love mint, pink, white, and red!

She is a girl after my own heart and I just know she would love having a few more decorations in her room. Just gotta wait for a sale! ;)

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  1. Love this, we picked up a couple of those pillows for my girls' room it's so festive :)


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