12 Weeks

Monday, November 7, 2016

Today the twins are 12 weeks! This is not the same thing as three months as I had previously thought ha ha. Either way this is something to celebrate! Whenever people ask me how we are doing I say, "Every day gets easier." Which is mostly true not counting the "hard" days.
Rompers by Rad Revolution

Everly can roll from front to back, loves cooing and smiling at me, can suck her hands, and wakes twice at night to eat (thanks to the new found skill of rolling over).

Cal can also roll from front to back, has started smiling and cooing (he does everything about two weeks after she does), found his hands, and also wakes twice over night.

And while these kids seem to be meeting their milestones at about the same time they sure do have different personalities. Cal wants to be held all. the. time. He cries at the slightest loud noise and especially if Everly cries suddenly next to him. Yesterday he grabbed a wad of her hair and made her cry and then in turn started crying. Sigh. He's such a mama's boy! He has perfected his pout. Seriously...I've never seen anything like it. He enjoys watching Blair play and has gotten much better at napping in his bed (hallelujah!). However he still rages in his car seat.

Everly is happy to sit in her bouncer and stare at her toys. She is particularly partial to the giraffe. :) She loves being held by Blair and watching her play. But when she's tired she wants her bed asap. She doesn't need to be cuddled or rocked to sleep. She doesn't mind riding in her car seat and I've determined she's the "easy" one. Is that bad to say?

That's about it! We are still in the thick of it...twin mommin' ain't easy but we sure do LOVE these babies to death! I'm thankful for their sweet smiling faces and can't wait to spend the holidays with them for the first time.

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