Binxy Baby Review

Monday, October 10, 2016

When it comes to taking the twins out I'm all about convenience and products that help me while we're out and about. Last weekend M and I headed to Sprouts and brought our Binxy Baby grocery store hammocks along. I picked up some essentials... sparkling pumpkin cider, pumpkin flavored pancakes, and Nummy Bears (if you haven't tried them you must!). 

These mini baby hammocks fit in most shopping carts whether you are at Target, the grocery store, or Babies R Us. ;) If your little nugget is happy in their car seat this hammock can support up to fifty pounds of baby/car seat weight too! Binxy Baby recommends that once your babe can sit up that you transition them out of the hammock. 

The twins enjoyed checking out all the lights in the ceiling at the grocery store and all the other shoppers enjoyed checking them out in their hammocks. :) And while they did enjoy their Binxy Baby at this age (8 weeks) I can see them loving it even more as they get older and have more awake time. The Binxy Baby will be especially useful when I have Blair with me at the store too since she will be sitting in the cart. 

If you are thinking about getting your own Binxy Baby or giving one as a gift to a Mama-to-be then click HERE!

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