Cal and Evie's Birth Story Part 4

Friday, August 26, 2016

To catch up on parts one, two, and three of my birth story scroll down. Otherwise here is the final part to my birth story with the twins!

Shortly after I was wheeled into recovery and the twins were getting assessed, my doctor asked me to lift my hips up to slide something underneath me. Right when I did that I started hemorrhaging badly. Later I would find out that my Mom saw my doctor sprinting down the hall and thought he was off to deliver another baby. In actuality he was racing to my room along with a slew of other doctors and nurses to stop my bleeding. 

I ended up losing over a liter of blood and needing a blood transfusion. I truly have never been so scared in my life. I remember hardly being able to keep my eyes open but at the same time too scared to let them close. I recall asking my nurse (who happens to be a friend of mine) if I was going to die. She said I would be ok (phew!). I have never seen that many frantic doctors around my bed before and it truly terrified me! I was very lightheaded, extremely hot, and just feeling horrible overall. 

They were able to control the bleeding and I spent a couple more hours in recovery. At around 3 am they wheeled me over to ante-partum...for moms who have complications pre or post delivery. I spent the night there with M and the twins. 

The next day they wheeled me over to post partum where they continued to monitor me. The nurses and staff were so sweet and kept stopping by to say hi and check on me. They called me a "rock star" because of my crazy labor and also because I was breastfeeding twins. M and I slept in the same bed (nice and cozy!) because the twins liked to be skin to skin with us and upright. 

I continued to have some high blood pressure readings but I attributed this to being a new mom of twins. Thankfully they let us go home late Wednesday night. 

I still can't believe these two babies are mine. This time around I am cherishing every moment with them instead of wishing they were older and easier (read: sleeping through the night and not nursing). It is surreal to see our story come full circle and to still walk by our refrigerator and see the picture of them as embryos while I physically have their sweet bodies pressed up against mine. God deserves all the glory and I will forever enjoy sharing their story with others. Miracles still happen around us and they are ours! 


  1. Praise God you and the beautiful babies are healthy now!

  2. Wow-that was scary about the post delivery bleeding. Glad you are well now. The babies are adorable and I think Evie looks like her big sister.

  3. Congratulations! I found out a week ago that I am having twins and have been so worried! I am so glad to have found your story and to know that you made it through everything - pregnancy, vaginal birth, preeclampsia, post-partum hemorrhage! Praying that I can have an outcome like yours!


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