Latchy Catchy Review

Friday, July 15, 2016

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things is when someone or something wakes up your newborn. I would lose it when our dog would bark at the UPS guy and wake Blair up when she was a babe. Now that I'm about to have twins I want to avoid this calamity the best I can! Enter the Latchy Catchy!

The Latchy Catchy allows you to open and close any interior door silently. No more slamming the door for Blair which is especially important since her room is right next to the twins'. The Latchy Catchy fits all door shapes and sizes. It easily slips into place when needed and comes in a ton of cute prints.

As a mom I can really appreciate this product. It will be great for Blair's bathroom door during the middle of the night potty breaks (she shares a Jack and Jill bathroom with the twins). But this product is also great for classroom doors, loud roommates, light sleepers, toddler safety, carrying loads in and out of the garage, day spas, libraries, etc.

Would you like to have a Latchy Catchy of your own? Head over to my Instagram account to enter to win a free one! @natyouraveragegirl Good luck!

Thank you to Lyndsey for our awesome Latchy Catchies!

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