34 Weeks

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It's been a while. I know. But if you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you know things have been a little wild! 

You can catch up and see what landed me in the hospital last Thursday by reading the post before this. On Saturday my doctor saved me and gave me the green light to go home as long as I monitored my blood pressure and kept watch for other signs of preeclampsia (high blood pressure) such as a head ache, blurred vision, swelling, and tightness in my chest. 
Did I mention that TWO of my best friends work in the hospital where I plan to deliver?! So fun!

On the way home from the hospital M and I joked that it seemed like we were on a vacation the last couple days. We had our own room, no toddler, and hospital food delivered right to our lap! ;) Except for all the poking, prodding, and lack of sleep on my end I'd call it a mini vacation at the resort. It was so lovely in fact that we will be visiting again soon. :)

While in the hospital I went 40 hours of no sleep because of all the monitoring they had to do. I had three belts strapped to me; one for my contractions, and one for each baby. Every time I rolled over and tried to get comfortable Baby B (our boy) would wiggle away from his heart monitor. This ensured that a nurse would come in and adjust my belt. Oh, and add my blood pressure being taken every 15 to 30 minutes...ain't nobody sleeping through that! 

Needless to say I've been home catching up on some zzz's. I finally got smart and decided to blog from bed on a laptop because when my feet dangle in a chair I end up with double chins on my ankles. It's a good look. ;) So far I've had a couple high blood pressure readings but since it goes back down I haven't rushed back to the hospital. I have contractions every evening about 9 minutes apart but again nothing has come of it so I'm just hanging out at home. The only other issue I've been having is tightness in my chest. It seems to be worse when I lay down and I'm convinced it's just a lot of baby in there squishing my lungs. 

We're on constant baby patrol over here and every day they stay put is better for them, however it's stressful for me to be in charge of monitoring their health (and mine). I'm not a nurse/doctor and I tend to get insecure about all my symptoms and what they mean. At 34 weeks they would not try to stop my labor from progressing like they did last week. This whole pregnancy I've been so worried about having pre-term babies but I finally feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief. Since I was diagnosed with preeclampsia they will induce me at 37 weeks if I make it that far. That puts me at August 14th. Their chances of being healthy and not having a long NICU stay are really high from this point on...thank you Jesus! 

It's so wild to me that God already knows their birthday. I just wish I could be in on the secret too! I can't wait to meet these sweet, precious, miracles of mine. They are already SO loved. 

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  1. Thinking of you and your babies! I am 37 weeks pregnant with my girl and lets just say I am out of breath. I can only imagine how you feel with 2 babies squishing your lungs. Good luck, Natalie! Erika


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